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The city of Tarragona is imbibed with the essence of the Mediterranean. With excellent road and rail connections, it is also located at less than an hour from the international airport hub of Barcelona. Its most outstanding feature is probably the legacy left by the Romans who made it their provincial capital. It was declared a World Heritage site by Unesco in November 2.000.

Tarragona also boasts numerous examples of a rich medieval history. Fine golden sandy beaches and coves grace the 15 km of coastline, seafronts and one of the most important ports in Europe.

The landscapes, the light and the climate make Tarragona an ideal choice for films, tv series, commercial advertisments or television programs. Tarragona is one of the most popular locations in Catalonia.

In an effort to give maximum support to the film industry, the Tarragona Film Office, affiliated to the Catalunya Film Commission, is making this huge potential more readily available to the audiovisual industry. We offer, completely free of charge, all the assistance necessary to find the ideal locations, to coordinate the different municipal council requirements for permits and legislation and to help with the logistics involved in the productions.

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