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TYPE: Feature Film

DIRECTOR: Mar Targarona

PRODUCTION CO.: Rodar y Rodar Cine


ACTORS: Blanca Portillo, Antonio Dechent, José Coronado, Andrés Herrera, Macarena Gómez, Marc Domenech, Vicente Romero, Nausicaa Bonnín, Josep Maria Pou, Ramón Fontseré

SYNOPSIS: Patricia Lucas is a prestigious lawyer, who sees how her life becomes a nightmare when his son Victor disappears from the school without a trace. Hours later, the child reappears hurted and sweated, confessing that a man has tried to kidnap him, but he has managed to escape. The police starts an investigation and get to catch the apparent responsible after an identification parade with Victor. However, the evidence is insufficient, and the alleged abductor is released. That's when Patricia, scared and fearing for her son, decides to do what she has never done before: take the law into her own hands. But the situation gets out of hand and the consequences of their actions are unpredictable...


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