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España otra vez

Release: 1969

Type: Feature Film

Direction: Jaime Camino

Production CO.: Pandora S.A.

Country: Spain

Cast: Manuela Vargas, Mark Stevens, Marianne Koc, Enrique Giménez 'El Cojo', Luis Serret, Luis Ciges, Joaquín Pujol, Alberto Berco, Alberto Puig, Flor de Bethania Abreu, Manuel Muñiz

Synopsis: Dr. Foster returns to Spain for the first time since serving as a doctor for the Loyalists in the Spanish Civil War three decades earlier. He meets the daughter of an old girlfriend (also named Maria) who accompanies him while he is attending a conference in Barcelona. He remembers the war while re tracing his steps from thirty years earlier in much the same way Alvah Bessie did while working on the film as an actor and writer.

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