All our campsites adhere to waste separation guidelines

All the campsites in Tarragona are equipped with specific containers for separating waste.

At the waste collection point on each campsite you will find containers in different colours to identify the waste you can leave in each container.


In these containers you can leave plastic packaging, Tetra Briks (fruit juice, milk, tomato sauce, etc.), beverage cans, canned food cans, plastic bags (from shopping, potatoes, ice cubes, etc.), plastic wrapping (from ice creams, snacks, cookies, etc.), polystyrene trays (meat, fish, fruit, etc.), plastic bottles (mineral water, soft drinks, etc.), yoghurt pots, glass bottle tops, face cream jars, aluminium foil, toothpaste tubes, hand soap and detergent bottles, plastic cups, deodorants, aerosols, and netting for fruit and vegetables.

If we separate this waste, it can be turned into T-shirts, chairs, bicycle tyres and more.



Sheets of paper, paper bags, cereal and cookie boxes, inner tubes of kitchen and toilet paper rolls, egg cartons, newspapers and magazines, cardboard boxes, and paper envelopes.

If we separate paper and cardboard waste, it can be turned into new cardboard boxes, packaging, toilet paper, and more.



Glass bottles, jars and flasks (without their lids, caps or bags). Metal and plastic caps and lids must go in the packaging (yellow) container, and corks should go in the organic waste container.

Water/wine glasses and glass plates and dishes should go in the Other Waste container as they are made from a different type of glass.

If we separate glass waste, new bottles and jars can be made. Glass has an almost infinite number of useful lives.



Organic food remains, without wrappings: fruit and vegetable peelings, meat bones, fish bones, small plants, coffee grounds, tea bags, corks, kitchen paper, egg, shellfish and nut shells, toothpicks, lolly sticks, expired or spoilt food without wrappings.

If we separate organic waste it can be made into compost, a natural fertilizer for use in farming and gardening.



Anything that cannot be placed in the other containers: cigarette butts, chewing gum, ceramic plates and cups, toothbrushes, baby pacifiers, nappies, sanitary pads, other personal hygiene products, cotton buds, wet wipes, razors and shavers, tissues, scourers and cleaning cloths, cotton wool balls, cloths and clothing, animal excrement and pet litter, floor sweepings, inflatable toys and beach games, balls, plastic buckets and utensils, clothes hangers, etc.

Anything deposited in the Other Waste container cannot be recycled. In the city of Tarragona, all this waste is taken to an incinerator and burned.


And above all, remember…

  • It’s important to leave your waste in the right container. Please don’t mix them up – you will be undermining other people’s efforts.
  • Separate spoilt or expired food from its packaging. The food goes in the brown container, and the packaging, if plastic, in the yellow one.
  • Toilets should not be treated as a waste bin. Wet wipes, cotton buds, sanitary pads, cotton wool balls and hair should go in the grey container.

Help us to keep our planet healthy! 

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